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Discover the best Jewish events in your city with Tribe: Let My People Know. Tribe connects you with a curated list of communal events based on your age, location and interests.

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About Tribe

Tribe is a customisable mobile platform that connects people to relevant Jewish experiences.

Users can search for relevant events based on demographic, interests and location.

Tribe serves as a consolidated forum for Jewish groups and unaffiliated individuals to promote events; bridging Jewish life and technology.


Discover Tribe

Tribe is for anyone who wants to connect with their Jewish community and find out what's going on, without needing to scan countless sources. The app brings together all events, in one place. Search by category, or just scroll through the lot to get an overview of what's on.​

Not finding events on in your city? Get in touch to discuss becoming a Tribe city guru.​

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Event Hosts

So, you organise events?

We reckon Tribe will be pretty handy for you then. It's simple to get your events featured on the platform. Get started by creating a login to start posting your events - you can do that here!

Let your networks know your events are available on Tribe. When all our hosts do this, it's good for other hosts, as it means more people are seeing your events on the app.

If you're one of those people who likes to read the manual before taking a gadget out of the box, read this. It walks you through the sign on process with a fancy combination of words and pictures.

Using Tribe The platform is free for consumers to download and use. Event submissions is also currently free.

The security schtick Tribe will not convey any event information that is not publicly available. In fact, we take security considerations one step further – Tribe won’t publish event location without the event organiser’s explicit consent. The default function will be to show only the event suburb.

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Q & A

Who is Tribe for? Tribe may be used equally by emerging grass-roots groups and established organisations, for pop up events and institutionalised gatherings. Tribe is designed for use by any member of our community wishing to connect with Jewish events.

What does it cost? Tribe is currently totally free for users and event hosts. Down the track, this may change, but for now as we're building up our name, we're delighted to have you enjoy the platform for nothing! All we ask is that you tell your friends and spread word among your networks about Tribe.

Can people purchase event tickets via Tribe? Events hosts can link app users directly to a ticketing platform of their choice.

Tell me more about the Tribe privacy policy, terms & conditions... You can download the privacy policy here, and the Tribe terms and conditions here.

Can I advertise on Tribe? We'd love to explore opportunities with you. Send us a message and we'll be in touch.

How do I make a donation to Tribe? Tribe is a not for profit entity and welcomes donations large and small. Chat with us about becoming a once off or regular donor via:

Where did Tribe come from? The idea for Tribe has been around for yonks. At many Shabbos dinner tables the idea has been thrown around. In 2015, a bunch of us decided to turn the idea into reality. After a year of pondering, researching and designing, Tribe launched on 3 February, 2016.

Where can Tribe be used? Launched initially in Melbourne and Sydney in 2016, the Tribe infrastructure may be used by Jewish communities large and small across Australia. From a community abroad? Get in touch and we can chat about how we can bring Tribe to your community.

Who runs Tribe? Tribe is the product of collaboration between a team of volunteers based in Melbourne and Sydney who came together with a shared vision to see connection between community and its people made accessible, centralised and seamless. Reach the team via:

How is Tribe funded? Tribe received a generous grant from the Dave Grants Initiative at LaunchPad 2014, which is powered by the Australian Jewish Funders and the Schusterman Foundation. In kind and grant support has also been provided by Shalom, which is part of the JCA family of organisations, from Project Go, Glen Eira City Council and private donors. Tribe hopes to establish a sustainable funding model going forward.

What's the security schtick? Tribe will not convey any event information that is not publicly available. In fact, we take security considerations one step further – Tribe won’t publish event location without the event organiser’s explicit consent. The default function only shows the event suburb.

Contact Us

Questions? Comments? Excitement? Share with us below or email

Rachel Flitman

Rachel Flitman

The engine that keep the wheels turning. Rach is one of those rare souls - both a dreamer and an accomplisher. Whatever needs to be done for Tribe, Rach is there doing it. When she’s not working on Tribe, Rach works in disaster ​management with the Australian Red Cross.

Avi Bendetsky

Avi Bendetsky

The numbers guy. But don’t let that fool you - Avi is full of passion and heart. Avi is constantly giving to the community, and for Tribe that means keeping our books in order. When he’s not working on Tribe, Avi runs BAS & MORE, a bookkeeping and accounting firm.

Rosa Zwier

Rosa Zwier

Tribe's creative guru. As a communal event host and event goer, Rosa always had a sense there must be a better way to connect people and events. When she's not devising quirky campaigns and challenging Tribe's status quo, Rosa designs, stars in and edits maths videos for Mathletics. Look out for her pun parties, pop up events that frequently appear on Tribe. Past favourites include 'Meat & Meet' and 'Wine & Whine'. ​